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It's Not Drama, It's Vicarious Trauma

It's Not Drama, It's Vicarious Trauma

It’s Not Drama, It's Vicarious Trauma, is part of the series, It's Not Drama, It's Trauma, focused on enlightening readers on the effects of trauma and the examination of behaviors that may be deemed as dramatic but are manifestations of a trauma past. This edition is a guidebook to recognizing and recovering from the effects of second-hand shock syndrome or vicarious trauma for those who play a role in helping survivors of trauma. It reflects on the vulnerability, stress and abuse resulting from serving as helper/champion/caregiver. Symptoms of vicarious trauma may result in the loss of the passion that propelled us to begin interceding for others. We can become so involved and overwhelmed with helping others that we forget to take care of ourselves.Based on personal experience in working within child welfare, I am aware of the high occurrence of vicarious and secondary traumatic stress. So, this book is an ode to foster/resource parents and the champions committed to the healing of foster youth and others impacted by trauma.

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