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It's Not Drama, It's Trauma

It's Not Drama, It's Trauma

From the lens of a former foster youth now educator, this book is a guide to aid in the healing of foster youth. There are many books on trauma, but few dedicated to the plight of foster youth. Our foster youth need a sense of love, belonging and safety. As students pursue higher education, they need the adults in their lives to be more empathetically trauma-informed and recognize their behaviors are not a manifestation of a dramatic attitude but are a result of the many layers of trauma they have experienced. This guide also provides support to the professionals who work with foster youth that may be at risk of secondary traumatic stress.While this edition of the book is targeting those working with foster youth, anyone reading the book can benefit from the insightful look at trauma and how it can damage the brain or be an impetus for mental health problems, its impact on learning and development of relationships with self and others.

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